Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Treasure And The Pots...

It has been said that the Roman Empire ran on olive oil. It was used in cooking, bathing, medicine, ceremonies, lamps, & cosmetics. For decades, olive oil from southern Spain was shipped to Rome in large clay jugs called amphorae. Those jugs, not worth sending back, were discarded in a growing heap of broken shards known as Monte Testaccio. The fragments of an estimated 25 million amphorae created that man-made hill, which stands today on the bank of the Tiber River in Rome. In the ancient world, the value of those pots was not their beauty but their contents. 

I cook with olive oil, but I also use the organic kind on my face, body and hair. Just get a travel size squeeze bottle and fill it up with this treasure, I keep it in the shower and rub it all over my damp skin before I towel blot for the ultimate body hydration. When my face is feeling dry and looking flaky, I exfoliate and finish with a thin layer all over my face and neck (night treatment obviously).  I love this stuff and it's so good for you-inside and out! How do you use your olive oil?