Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pregnancy Vlog Plus Freebies for new mommies!

Recorded on April 26th, this is my 10 week prego my eggo vlog. My due date is November 17. 
Also, info on how to recieve free stuff from the store Motherhood! When I went in to buy some preggie pops they offered me to sign up and recieve UP TO $400.00 IN FREE STUFF UNTIL I GIVE BIRTH! I received a welcome package with lots of coupons and freebies, and the rest will be shipped to my home over the next several months. I got coupons and discount codes for Carter's, Fisher Price, Osh kosh B Gosh, ect,,,I just want to share the wealth :)
Since I've been pregnant I've been loving the website babycenter.com definatley check it out if you are expecting or have children. It's so informative. 

baby bump and lots of love, 
xo Little Mrs. Middleton