Monday, October 17, 2011

Old vase like new...

My sister in-law asked me if I wanted this vase and I said yes (although I was thinking "no, it doesn't go with anything I own.) On the way home from her house I thought, I'll just paint it! I love getting all crafty! It's extremely therapeutic for me to create. Which is why I enjoy cooking and baking, doing hair and make up, decorating... ANYWAY...
This is the finished project. I just bought some acrylic paint, dried and fake foliage, and KRYLON crystal clear acrylic coating from Michael's to seal the deal.  

I used an antiquing technique using 3 paint colors that I learned from a youtube video. I have a few more projects using this technique that I will be posting soon. I'm happy with the final result. So glad I accepted this gift! Have you done any DIY make overs lately? Please, do tell! 

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Mrs. Middleton