Friday, December 30, 2011

I have finally made a decision...

I have been lusting after this bag for a few months now. It's not a major purchase I know, but I've always been a frugal shopper and I really have to LOVE something to spend more than $30 on it. It came down to the fact that all my other bags are dated and busted! My problem was deciding to get a more casual bag or this slightly dressier one. Since I spend most of my life at work and in my work clothes, I went with the latter. I love the vintage feel to it and the fact that it looks like an over sized coin purse is super cute! I purchased my new pet on  I will be purchasing a casual bag from this site in the future since the prices are right up my alley. I can't believe how many styles there are to choose from. If you find hand bags that you love on this site, don't forget to share your faves with me. :)

Happy Shopping! 
-Mrs. Middleton