Thursday, October 28, 2010

The beginning of something amazing...

I apologize for not updating my blog in such a long time. Things have been so crazy hectic and I have so much to share with you.  As some of you may know I am originally from California, born and raised. Well about 2 weeks ago I moved to Seattle, Washington! Oh the things we do for love...anywho, I'm finally settled in and feeling great about my new home. It's such a huge difference from where I'm from and what I've become accustomed to but I love the change and embrace it. I'm so excited to live in a new place, meet new people, make new friends, and try to figure out how to get around-Lol! (I have a horrible sense of direction.) I've applied to several companies in the area and had my first interview a couple of days ago which went really well. 
All that to say that now that I'm in my new place in life I am going to be posting on a very regular and consistent basis. I've been wanting to devote more time to my blog for a long time but my head was in a distracted state. Now I'm back and better than ever! So I'll talk to you all real soon. Have a great Thursday and God bless!

- love, 
 Little Mrs. Middleton