Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stinky Hair Fix!

3 days dirty...that's right I said it! haha! I can't deal with washing my hair everyday! I have way too much. So to keep it fresh and funky here's my tips.

Tools needed: Hair freshener, I chose Pink Sugar hair perfume. It smells so good! Like sweet,      sugary candy! And a paddle brush. Just spray your hair in sections at the roots. Then spritz a little on your brush before running it through your locks and viola! Eau So Fresh! 


  1. I'm actually from Michigan! I moved here almost 2 years ago now to start my jewelry business. My boyfriend is from Washington and loves it here.

    I love it here in the summertime!

    Which Nordstrom do you work at? That's so cool!!!

  2. Hey Girlie! I miss you, too! I would love to try and focus on my blog, but Im so busy with the two girls now, I just can't seem to find the time. Plus I am determined to loose all this baby weight. So my spare time has been devoted to that. Yeah I'd love to get our blogs looking great, too. Sadly, since steven works so much with his company he started he doesn't get home until after midnight between 5-6 days a week. Kinda sucks. However, if it pays off I will be happy. We'll see I guess. His company has really taken off much more than we expected, so thats good, but it's still got a long way to go. So whats new with you? Did you take your test yet?

  3. @dskSteph Wow Michigan? What nationality are you? Yeah, this will be my first summer here. I'm still waiting... I work at the Northgate Nordstrom
    PS. how did you and your man meet if he's from here and you are from there? just curious...

  4. Rebecca! Geez he's a work-a-holic! ;)Glad you are loving your time with your little chicks. I miss your company. Not a priority to take the test. It's gonna be a while if I ever do... :( ttyl love you lots.